Painting Machinery and Equipment

Welcome to IEG Spraying and our Industrial Plant & Machinery department.
We offer high quality coating for all industrial plants, machinery, industrial vehicles, cladding, warehouses, Anti- slip coatings, steel stairs, heavy equipment and much more

Selemix – the best paint for industrial machinery

We are proud customers of global leader Selemix owned by company PPG which was established in 1883. – the top quality coatings provided by this brand leader means you are getting the best available, giving you a great finish and durability.

UPVC Spraying – cost effective and efficient

Paint spraying is not only quicker to apply but is also very efficient meaning there is no wastage from over painting a surface or from paint being wasted on the floor. Our efficient spray painting system means you save money as you have no wastage and the paint is applied quickly to give you a perfect finish every time.

By having your Industrial project spray painted by IEG you are getting a cost effective solution, extending your products life & creating a professional look. Our system enables us to finish projects quickly, drying time is fast which means it will not interrupt your business and you can choose from a wide range of colours and gloss levels to satisfy all your needs. Having your Industrial products professional spray coated means you are safe guarding it from risk or corrosion, taking this measure will ensure longevity and maintenance.

Our professional and friendly team will look after all your painting needs from start to finish, contact us today to find out more and discuss your needs.